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CRRC ChangChun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CRRC Changchun”) was formerly known as Changchun Passenger Car Works, founded in 1954, and was one of key construction projects during China’s "First Five-Year". In March 2002 it was reformed to a joint-stock company. Now the registered capital (total equity) is RMB5.8 billion (shares), among which CRRC holds 93.54% shares.

1. Enterprise Scale
CRRC Changchun is one of the largest R&D, manufacturing, maintenance and export bases for railway coaches in China, and is the cradle of China's subway and EMU. The company has now 18000 employees, 4.9 million square meters of factory area and 19 subsidiaries. The annual sales revenue is over RMB30 billion and the market share of main products reaches more than 40%.

2.Business Sectors
At present, there are 3 major businesses such as R&D service, manufacturing and maintenance & operation service of railway passenger cars in the company.

The business of R&D service is mainly to provide all kinds of tests, analysis and testing services for the suppliers, clients, competitors and partners with the support of National Engineering Technology Center and National Engineering Laboratory,.

The manufacturing of passenger cars includes three main products i.e. EMUs, urban rail vehicles and conventional railway passenger cars, at present with an annual output of 1500 cars for EMU, 2000 urban rail vehicles and 500 common railway passenger cars.

3.R&D and Manufacturing
The company has 2600 engineering technical personnel, including 21 doctors, 523 masters, 73 professor level senior engineers, 864 senior engineers and 8 experts winning special government allowance from the State Council. The company has established the "five-in-one" technical innovation platform including National Railway Vehicle System Integration Engineering Technology Research Center, National Engineering Laboratory for System Integration of High-speed Train, National Enterprise Technical Center, Postdoctoral Research Station and National Skill Master Studio. The company has mastered such key technologies as the system integration, carbody, bogie, braking, train network and traction control system of railway coach. The company was awarded the first batch of "National Innovative Enterprise", "National Hi-tech Enterprise", "National Base of Rejuvenating Trade through Science and Technology", "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", and the products have won the title of "National Brand-Name and Quality Product".

The company has successfully built up the series product platform for EMUs, urban rail vehicles and common railway passenger cars. In the field of EMU, the company has setup series EMU product platforms of CRH5, CRH380, intercity EMU and so on. The company has developed Chinese standard EMU, CRH380B alpine-resistant EMU, CRH380BL high-speed EMU, CRH380CL high-speed EMU, CRH5G high-cold resistant sand-proof EMU, CJ-1 CRH5G inter-city EMU, hybrid EMU and other products.

In the field of urban rail vehicles, the company has set up a vehicle platform for A/B/C-type rail vehicles, linear electric locomotive, low floor vehicle, straddling monorail vehicle, maglev vehicle, etc., so as to realize the complete coverage of urban rail vehicle products. The company has successively developed more than 60 types various urban rail vehicles including China's first stainless steel subway vehicle, aluminum alloy light rail vehicle, monorail vehicle, cold-resistant subway vehicle, driverless subway car, low floor light rail vehicle and so on.

In the field of conventional railway passenger cars, the company has developed more than 200 kinds of ordinary railway coaches such as 25B, 25G, 25K, 25T and the like, forming the serialized products of 25-type coaches.

4.Enterprise Management
The company has established a management system subject to international standards, and become one of the first ones that passed the certifications of IRIS international railway industry management system, ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSMS occupational safety and health management system, DIN6700 quality system and etc. in railway industry in China. The company has set up the management and design platform for SAP, RAMS, P3E, CATIA+VPM, analog simulation and etc. Also it has implemented the management methods such as lean management, project management, "Gate Milestone"(翻译注:未能找到准确英文表述,烦请确认是否正确) quality management, and has been keeping the industry-leading enterprise management level.

5.Overseas Performance
It is the earliest and largest exporter in Chinese railway industry. The products have been exported to 18 countries and regions such as the United States, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore, New Zealand, Argentina, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, China and etc; the export quantity is nearly 6000 vehicles, gaining more than $6 billion of foreign exchange.

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