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CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.
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CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CRRC ZELC”) is located on the bank of beautiful Xiangjiang River, adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Kunming Railway Lines, with an area of 2.25 square kilometers. It is a core subsidiary of CRRC, is China’s largest research base of electric locomotives and the leading enterprise in Hunan’s 100-billion rail transit industrial cluster, being honored as ‘Capital of China’s Electric Locomotives’. Since the establishment in 1936, CRRC ZELC has been keeping a rapid and healthy development, and has created many records in the field of China’s rail transit equipment. Its core businesses mainly focus on the new public transit vehicles like electric locomotive, urban rail vehicle, inter-city EMU, maglev vehicle, energy-reserved tram/trolley bus etc., important parts, proprietary technology products, maintenance services and other fields. At present, CRRC ZELC has total assets of RMB24 billion and over 20 subsidiaries at home and abroad. In 2014, it obtained the sales revenue of RMB22.1 billion and the profit taxes of RMB2.27 billion.

The company persists in the innovation-driven development, continues to increase R&D investment, and promotes to upgrade the manufacturing capability. Among over 10,000 employees, more than 25% of them are engaged in R&D of product and engineering technology, including 1 CAE academician fostered by the company and 10 experts receiving special government allowance from the State Council. CRRC ZELC has the highest production capability of electric locomotive in the world, the R&D and manufacturing capacity of urban transit equipment in line with European standards as well as the manufacturing/maintenance bases capable of quick response distributed in the owner’s city. The company has set up National Enterprise Technical Center and test center, mastered the system integration, AC drive, heavy-haul transportation, maglev, vehicle onboard energy storage, articulated light rail vehicles, high-speed pantograph, super capacitor and other frontier technologies. The company is always at the forefront of rail transit equipment industry.

The company is committed to improving the public mobility conditions and creating the environment-friendly modes of transportation. In the field of electric locomotives, since China’s first electric locomotive was developed in 1958, CRRC ZELC has successively developed 41 types of mainline electric locomotives for express passenger transportation, locomotive for passenger/freight and heavy-haul freight train, totally over 7,500 locomotives, accounting for more than 60% of total domestic electric locomotives. The company has led China’s electric locomotive to transform from common load to heavy load and from DC drive to AC drive. It is the developer of maximum power electric locomotive in the world, standing in the commanding height of the world’s industry technology. In the field of urban rail vehicle, the company has set up an European-standard R&D and manufacturing platform for high-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel urban rail vehicles within 10 years, including A/B-type vehicles in three speed levels of 80/100/120km/h. The company has become the outstanding representative in the field of China’s high-end urban rail equipment, has supplied nearly 6000 urban rail vehicles for 16 domestic or overseas cities; in 2014 the domestic market share ranked first. It has built the manufacturing and maintenance bases in 10 domestic cities, in order to exert itself to make a life-cycle maintenance service system for urban rail vehicles. In the field of EMUs, based on the rich development experience of rail vehicles, mature R&D platform and unique advantages of regional support, the company has successively developed “Blue Arrow”, “Central China Star” and “China Star” power-distributed EMU and power-concentrated EMU with diverse speed levels from 160km/h to 270km/h. CRRC ZELC is the birthplace of China’s EMU technologies. In recent years, EMUs developed by CRRC ZELC have successfully been exported to overseas market.

The company is a pioneer of making China’s equipment “Go Global”. It has been widely recognized by international customers thanks to its superior quality, reliable performance and outstanding contract performing capacity. Since a "zero" breakthrough in the complete train export of Chinese electric locomotive in 1997, CRRC ZELC has successively obtained nearly 30 orders from Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Turkey, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Macedonia and so on. The exported products include the locomotive, metro vehicle, LRV, EMU and metro engineering maintenance vehicle, with total contract amount of RMB30 billion. CRRC ZELC holds more than 80% of market share in the field of Malaysian rail transit, and their fastest meter-gauge EMU tailored by CRRC ZELC has become a bright landscape in Kuala Lumpur. The company has got a $2.1 billion order of electric locomotive from South Africa, creating an export record in China’s rail transit equipment industry. The company has got Macedonia’s EMU order, achieving a breakthrough in China’s EMUs exported to Europe. Meanwhile, the company has set up many subsidiaries in Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, India and other countries to carry out international operations. During the visit in CRRC ZELC, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang praised that the products of CRRC ZELC are the “Go Global” representative of Chinese equipment.

The company persists in focusing on the customer demand and aiming at the green and intelligent development direction. With decades of technological accumulation in the rail transit equipment industry, the company is moving into new industries, and has formed 3 industry directions like the service extension represented by the maintenance, industry chain extension represented by the super capacitor as well as technology extension represented by the maglev. It has set up some “4S” stores of rail transit vehicles with the functions of modern integrated service in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Kunming etc, so as to achieve the business pattern transformation from the export of products to the export of “manufacturing + service”. In 2015, China’s first low-speed maglev vehicle in the commercial operation, which was manufactured by CRRC ZELC, would put into trial operation in Changsha. The company has developed independently the high-energy-density super-capacitor monomer, and first created modern tram/trolley bus driven by the super-capacitor unit, which received the world’s extensive attention and would bring a revolutionary change for the urban public transportation. At the same time, the company is focusing on developing APM vehicle, sky train, suburban commuter train, regenerative braking system and other new technological products.

CRRC ZELC is creative and innovative, and is committed to be a worldwide leading solution provider for the rail transit systems. It would like to assume the social responsibilities of developing the low-carbon economy together with domestic and foreign customers & partners and jointly promote the global rail transit industry.

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