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Zhao Minghua

CRRC Changchun Co., Ltd., Professor-level Senior Engineer

    • In July 1986, she graduated from industrial electrical automation major, electrical engineering department of Dalian Railway Institute. Now she holds the post of vice president & high-speed EMU project manager in CRRC Changchun Co., Ltd.

    • In February 2003, she was appointed as deputy chief engineer of CNR Changchun Co., Ltd.;

    • In 2005, she undertook the R&D of high speed railcar of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program);

    • In 2007, she became the general technical leader for CRH5 EMU.

    • Zhao Minghua is the deputy chief engineer of CRRC Changchun Co., Ltd., taking charge of technical work for development of urban rail vehicles.

    • Taking batch development of various types of urban rail vehicles that suitable for China's national conditions as own duty, she is committed to innovation, makes great efforts to keep forging ahead, scores achievements in the field of developing Chinese urban rail vehicles, thus fills a number of gaps on developing domestic urban rail vehicles with positive and effective practice and creates several “first” on development of multiple products. She is worthy of the female "leader" in development field of China railway vehicles.

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