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Society Notes

1. Sources and uses of funds for the Society

(1)All members shall pay annual fees to serve as office expenses of the Society, including the meeting expenses such as managing committee meeting, expert committee meeting and design exchange meeting in the name of the Society etc., and meeting-related expenses such as materials preparation, documents printing and necessary services, as well as necessary operating expenses of demonstration, evaluation and application work of the Society projects;

(2)Financial assistances from the government, enterprises and individuals;

(3)Income of consulting service and other legal income.

2.Management style and administrative office of Society funds

The Society shall open a separate account for its funds in the secretariat enterprise so as to use the funds exclusively for its designated purpose, and submit reports on financial revenues to the Managing Committee of the Society every year.

3.Operation management of the Society

(1)Actively organize international conferences in the field of railway vehicle industrial design, and organize domestic and international designers to exchange the innovations achieved in design field of railway vehicle in recent years; collect industrial design works and relevant papers in the field of railway transit; carry out various types of design activities, exchange experience, spread information; and actively organize international competition, appraisal and prize award in industrial design of railway vehicle.

(2) Actively expand the business scope, and in principle, the implementation of activities such as conferences, collection of works and papers as well as competitions and appraisals shall be managed according to the co-responsibility principle of undertaking organization and responsible persons with the funds managed and operated independently. The responsible persons shall develop the overall implementation plan and the undertaking organization shall coordinate for the implementation of activities. The progress, achievements and expense spending shall be reported to the Managing Committee of the Society in written form at each stage according to the development plans of activities for supervision and inspection of the Secretariat of the Society.

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