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Siemens's Intelligent Numerical Control Technology Leading the Digitalization Progress of the Machine Tool Industry

Toronto, November 2015 3 - Bombardier business aircraft today invited the media to visit Toronto global 7000 assembly line, and display in the assembly line of the first two global 7000 flight test prototype.

July 09,2016

iemens's Intelligent Numerical Control Technology Leading the Digitalization Progress of the Machine Tool Industry

Siemens attended “The 9th China CNC Machine Tool Fair (CCMT 2016)” held in Shanghai (from April 11 ~ 15, 2016) with a subject “Digitalized Manufacturer in the 4th generation of Industrialization” and intelligent numerical control solutions. It focuses on the presentation of the high integration of digitalization solution, numerical control system, IT technology and robot, which is provided for the 4th

July 09,2016

Do we still need oil and natural gas in the future?

The global demand for oil is on the increase. Low oil price has contributed to this trend. Oil enterprises must reduce their production costs to maintain competitiveness. Siemens provides oil enterprises with a combination of products and services covering the whole production chain to help them to reduce cost effectively in such aspects as electrification, compressors and rotating equipment, automation and digitalization, etc..

July 09,2016

Zhuhai Intelligent Transportation System

Real-time traffic information, comprehensive service platform, and customized travelling itinerary. The Zhuhai intelligent transportation system customized by Siemens combines the “green transportation” concept with traffic control innovation to make Zhuhai an intelligent, environment-friendly, and habitable city.

July 09,2016

Maglev train VS vacuum tube train: China and the USA are in a competition for hyperloop super-fast rail

Sina America stock news Beijing time 21st day, according to Russian Satellite Network, vacuum tube train, which was envisaged 100 years ago, can be possibly built now. In the USA, Elon Musk's company is devoted to the development of Hyperloop project. In this field, Chinese scholars and their American counterparts are neck and neck. In addition, this technology can be applied in military field.

July 09,2016

Who will win the “Hyperloop Super-fast Rail” competition?

Figure is provided by the Superconductivity and New Energy R&D Center of Southwest Jiaotong University, showing that a model car runs out on the rail, and that it is about 100m away within 2 seconds, and that it slows down and stops when it crashes into the sand mound. According to the published video,

July 09,2016

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