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Official Launching of Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Minor Project
Release Date: 2016-04-28

At the recent Tsinghua University Teaching Committee First Plenary Meeting of Spring Semester in 2016, the industrial engineering minor project submitted by industrial engineering department got approved. From the beginning of spring semester in 2016, the industrial and engineering minor would begin enrolling students from undergraduates in the whole university and classed would be started in the autumn semester.

【Training Objective】

Industrial engineering minor training is to foster talents capable of industrial engineering technical methods such as quantitative analysis, optimization decision and human factors design along with management capabilities of international view, team leadership and innovative cooperation etc.. In this sense, it lays foundations for transdisciplinary undergraduates in studying for master of relevant industrial engineering and management sciences major at home and abroad, and for employment in jobs related to industrial engineering and management, such as business consulting, service industry, manufacturing industry, public management and research institutes etc.  

【Professional Features】

ndustrial engineering is department of international features. In 2011, international assessment was held, recognizing that the level of undergraduate education was equivalent to that of the Top 10 American industrial engineering departments. The department boasts the first foreign department head in Tsinghua University since the founding of New China, a full range of classical English undergraduate teaching materials and 80% of research faculty being doctorates from prestigious university abroad. The ratio of foreign engineering masters enrolled in 2016 to Chinese engineering masters is greater than 3:1.  

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