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Asian Engineering Deans’ Summit (AEDS) Opens in Zhejiang University.
Release Date: 2016-07-09

On May 16, over 30 engineering deans, experts and scholars from colleges and universities in Asia and Oceania came all the way to Zhejiang University to attend the two-day Asian Engineering Deans’ Summit and shared their experiences and thoughts in engineering education.

Wu Zhaohui, principal of Zhejiang University, Hans J Hoyer, secretary general of International Federation of Engineering Educational Societies (IFEES) and KeeChaing Chua, the engineering dean of National University of Singapore attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Besides, Peter Kilpatrick, president of International Engineering Deans’ Alliance delivered an opening address for the summit through video. The opening ceremony was hosted by Song Yonghua, executive vice principal of Zhejiang University.

A number of experts from colleges and universities and in the industry were invited to deliver a keynote speech at the meeting, mainly focused on three topics, value of engineering education and research, cultivation of pioneering spirit and practical capability in engineering education and internationalization of engineering education and research.

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